Delivery Information

1. The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered and purchased goods via a courier company to an address specified by the Buyer or to the office of the courier company, depending on the Customer's choice.

2. The seller will ensure the appropriate packaging of the goods and the sending of the accompanying documents.

3. Every user who placed an order through the website or by phone or e-mail specified on the website is obliged to release and receive his shipment from the courier company, except in cases where there is a discrepancy with the item or its integrity violated. Products are shipped in undamaged commercial form and content, fully usable!

 4. Every customer has the right to refuse their order even after it has already been shipped, but must pay the courier costs in both directions to return the goods back to the sender

3. After an order is placed by a user, it is processed and confirmed by phone by the seller.

4. Order fulfillment period - from 1 to 10 working days. The goods are delivered by the courier company Econt.

5. Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or by cash on delivery, in which the user pays the value of the order upon receipt. Delivery is at the customer's expense and is charged according to the standard rates of the EKONT courier company.

7. When paying in cash by cash on delivery, together with the goods and the accompanying documents, you will receive a fiscal receipt for the value of the Order.

8. Priority delivery time is paid extra according to the courier company's tariff.

9. If you wish to receive several products with one common delivery, please add each of them to one common basket.

10. Each of our shipments travels to you with a "view" option. Take advantage of it and review your shipments in front of the Courier or at the Econt office. Absences or inconsistencies in your order that are not registered with the Courier or at an Econt office will not be honored!

11. We ship all products in undamaged commercial form and content, fully usable! If you doubt this when receiving the products, please contact us immediately and make a complaint to the courier who delivers your order. If you wish to return a product, it must be returned in a commercial condition. Under commercial condition, it is understood that the product is in intact packaging and has not been used.

12. The customer who placed the order undertakes to release his shipment within 7 days of its arrival at the Econt office. In cases where you do not pick up your order within 7 days from the courier, each subsequent day will be charged for storage (storage) according to the courier company's tariff. The desire to hold the shipment after the seventh day must be stated in writing by the customer.

13. Please note that once you complete your order, it is delivered to the courier company as quickly as possible and cannot be stopped. If an order that has already been sent is refused, you owe the delivery to the courier company in both directions.

14. We reserve the right, in unforeseen circumstances, to deliver your products at a different time than the one mentioned for reasons of which you will be informed in due time.

15. In the event of a complaint, the customer must notify us immediately in writing by e-mail

16. In the event that he refuses to pay the amount due for the ordered goods and their delivery, the amount due upon sending and returning the goods will be demanded from him by court order with all the resulting consequences - the conviction will lead to payment in addition to the amounts due for the order and the expenses incurred in the case: state fees, attorney's fees, deposits for experts, expenses of a private bailiff, etc.